BlackBerry Gets PlayStation 3 XMB Interface

BlackBerry Gets PlayStation 3 XMB Interface


Are you the proud owner of a Sony PlayStation 3 and you’ve gotten far too used to the XrossMediaBar for navigating through the console’s various features? Well, you can now port that PlayStation experience over to your BlackBerry with the release of the PSB Elecite Theme.

As you can see through the screenshots provided below, this theme for BlackBerry devices accurately replicates what you would do with the XMB on your PlayStation 3. It’s not quite the PlayStation Phone just yet, but this probably as close as you’re going to get for a little while.

Compatible with OS 4.6+, the PSB Elecite Theme lines up a series of icons near the top of the page and when you hover over each one, another set of vertical icons appear underneath. It’s just like the XMB that you’ve come to know and love accept.

Unfortunately, this XMB-inspired BlackBerry theme doesn’t come for free like the real PlayStation XMB. Instead, you’ll have to purchase it from Elecite for $6.99.