Seamless Biometric Security Being Developed by Apple?

Seamless Biometric Security Being Developed by Apple?


We want our cell phones and our laptops to be as secure as possible, because we don’t want some rogue thief to uncover all of our deepest and darkest secrets. We don’t want them accessing certain information and certain data.

Most notebooks with biometric security have an unsightly fingerprint reader by the keyboard, but it seems that Apple could be working on solutions that are much more seamless. This “stealth security” would take the form of a fingerprint reader embedded within or behind the trackpad. This way, it can read your finger without it looking like it’s reading your figure.

Alternatively, Apple could make use of the iSight camera for retinal recognition. The webcam would turn on for a moment, you stare it into it, and you are authenticated into a session of web surfing and video editing. The technology is already there; it just needs to be implemented.

A similar kind of secret biometric security could be utilized on the iPhone as well. You know how you have to “slide to unlock” your phone? During that process, a biometric reader behind the screen could read your fingerprint or vein pattern.

A little more outlandish solution that has been proposed is “ear recognition” for when you partake in a voice call. I have no idea how that would work. There’s also mention of DNA sequencing, but I seriously doubt that one will pan out any time soon.