Asus Destroys Competition in Reliability Report

Asus Destroys Competition in Reliability Report


Although I’ve never owned an Asus laptop myself, I do recognize that their products offer exceptional quality. I just didn’t know that Asus was this much better than everyone else.

In a consumer reliability report from RESCUECOM, Asus scored substantially higher than any other computer manufacturer, beating the next closest competitor by a factor of almost 3-to-1. This report takes Q1 2009 into account, so things may change as the year progresses, but this speaks volumes into what Asus is offering to the world.

According to the report, Asus received a score of 972. By comparison, second-place Lenovo clocked in with a score of 348. Apple, the reigning champion from RESCUECOM’s 2008 consumer reliability report, only received a score of 324. Is Asus really that much more reliable that Cupertino?

As far as I can tell, the report is based on the number of service calls received by RESCUECOM. Asus accounted for 0.2% of calls, whereas Apple accounted for 2.1% of calls. Apple has a bigger market share in the US (6.8%) than Asus (1.6%), but even if you work out in proportions, Asus still comes out ahead. Apple’s market share is four times that of Asus, but it accounted for 10 times the service calls.

Fourth place in the Q1 report went to Toshiba, with fifth and sixth going to Acer and HP/Compaq, respectively.