REVIEW: Strapz and Harnezz for Balanzza Digital Luggage Scale

REVIEW: Strapz and Harnezz for Balanzza Digital Luggage Scale


With Mobile Magazine, I am to report and comment on all the latest kinds of mobile technology. I’ll talk about cool new cell phones, innovative digital cameras, portable e-book readers, and all of that kind of stuff. That said, sometimes it’s far too easy to overlook the products that aren’t necessarily as sexy as something coming out of Cupertino, but these kinds of products may ultimately be more useful and more effective for their respective intended purposes. Such is the case with the Balanzza portable digital luggage scale and now the company is expanding on the utility of that little gadget by adding a couple of accessories to the mix.

Revisiting the Balanzza Ergo Portable Luggage Scale

As you may recall, I reviewed the Balanzza Ergo digital luggage scale several months ago. This was an improvement in ergonomics and comfort compared to the original Balanzza and it has since been updated with the release of the Balanzza TOO. In short, the Balanzza line of digital scales offer a great way to weigh your backpack, luggage, or whatever other item before you head on that trip across the country. You don’t want to be dinged with the overage fees that airlines charge for bags that weigh too much. That’s just one way to use the Balanzza though. It may be called a digital luggage scale, but it can also be used to weigh a variety of other items.

The trouble is that the Balanzza only comes with a very short strap that must be wrapped around the handle of whatever it is you want to weigh. This is fine with a piece of luggage, since it’ll have a handle, but what about that other stuff that doesn’t have such a handy handle? What do you do then? For example, one great use that I found for the Balanzza is to weigh parcels before I ship them off through the post office. I am able to print shipping labels from home, but I need to provide the weight. Sometimes, a bathroom scale doesn’t cut it. The Balanzza is much better equipped for these smaller items.

However, that small strap isn’t conducive to weighing a box. And so, Balanzza has added a couple of accessories that aid in this journey: the Balanzza Strapz and the Balanzza Harnezz. They really take that “Z” mentality seriously, eh?

Weighing Boxes with Balanzza Strapz

With the Balanzza Strapz, you are able to weigh a range of boxes and other containers. The Strapz are comprised of two adjustable nylon strap with buckles, letting you wrap around the exterior of a box. The straps can be positioned parallel or across almost any box. This is particularly useful for shipping parcels.

While the straps are adjustable the same way that you would adjust the straps on a backpack, I found them to be a little awkward to adjust on the fly when you already have the straps wrapped around your box. It’s easier to eyeball the length off the box and then to wrap the Strapz around the box.

You could probably concoct a similar solution using a generic set of straps, but these are specially designed to work with the Balanzza luggage scale. The quality is good and they’ll support up to 100 pounds.

Weighing Loose Items with Balazza Harnezz

What if you have a small parcel or some other loose items that you need to weigh? That’s where the Balanzza Harnezz comes into play. Working almost like a hammock or the hanging metal scales you find at the grocery store, the Harnezz provides a flexible platform for small items.

Can you get away doing the same thing with a cloth shopping bag? Probably, but it’s not like the Harnezz costs that much more than a suitable bag, so if you’ve already got a Balanzza luggage scale, the Harnezz can come in really handy for weighing books, shoes, and small parcel boxes. The harness is strong enough to support up to 50 pounds, although the Balanzza itself can take up to 100 pounds.

Worthwhile Accessories for Balanzza Owners

Considering that you can get a bundle that contains both the Balanzza Strapz and Balanzza Harnezz for $12.99, I’d say that they represent a good value for people who already own a Balanzza luggage scale. This is mostly for weighing courier-bound parcels (great for small businesses), but you can probably find some other uses too.

Just don’t use the Harnezz to weigh Fluffy and Fido.