Getting Rugged Video Recording with Sanyo Camcorders

Getting Rugged Video Recording with Sanyo Camcorders


While the weather outside isn’t quite conducive to a pleasant camping experience just yet, you may want to stock up on some of the gear for when nature is being a little friendlier. If you’re hoping to capture your outdoor memories this summer, it is best if you have equipment that can handle the harsh conditions of the wilderness. These two cams from Sanyo sound like they fit the bill.

Both the Sanyo VPC-CA9EX and the VPC-WH1EX are marketed as being waterproof (the former for 1.5 meters and the latter for 3 meters), making them a great way to get some underwater snorkeling shots. They’ll do about sixty minutes of video and the WH1EX gets you extra close with an impressive 30x zoom. That’s the most zoom you can get out of a waterproof camera at this time.

In addition to doing the video thing, the Sanyo waterproof camcorders are also able to capture still photos as well. Like some other offerings on the market, you’re able to take still pictures while recording video, but it’ll probably result in a noticeable “hiccup” in the HD video feed. Memory is flash based.

I haven’t heard anything regarding pricing or availability, but Sanyo says that both of these cameras will be affordably priced for the discerning consumer.