Apple Discontinues iPhone Bluetooth Headset

Apple Discontinues iPhone Bluetooth Headset


The Apple iPhone 3G is easily one of the most popular smartphones on the market today and it’s done a lot to revolutionize the industry. There’s so much attention being paid to its terrific Safari web browser and the incredible App Store. However, its little companion has been largely forgotten and now Apple has put the buddy out to the pasture for good.

The Apple iPhone Bluetooth Headset got a little bit of attention when it was first launched but not enough, I guess. That’s probably why the headset has now been quietly discontinued. If you go over to the Apple Store online, you’ll find that the iPhone Bluetooth Headset is still being listed but its status has been changed. Strangely, you can still click on “Add to Cart.”

Now, this could mean one of two things. First, Apple could be pulling out of the Bluetooth headset market, allowing third-party accessory makers to handle the Bluetooth-y end of the iPhone equation. The thin and lightweight headset from Apple hasn’t been terribly popular anyway.

Alternatively, the Cupertino crew could be prepping an iPhone Bluetooth Headset 2.0 of sorts to coincide with the pending launch of a new iPhone this summer. We know that there’s got to be a new model of iPhone, so that could represent a good opportunity to release some accompanying accessories.