White Nokia E71 Smartphone Arrives at Rogers Wireless

White Nokia E71 Smartphone Arrives at Rogers Wireless


If you’re not the kind of person who wants to get caught up in all the iPhone hype and you’d rather not get attached to the CrackBerry crowd, the Symbian side of things just may be the ticket. The Nokia E71 has been available through Rogers for some time, but now it’s available in trendier color scheme.

Not a fan of gray? Rogers Wireless is now offering the Nokia E71 in an all white color scheme, capturing that slick appeal that may have otherwise leaned toward an offering from Cupertino. Aside from the white shell, though, this Nokia E71 is just like its non-white counterparts.

Among the most notable features are the full QWERTY keyboard, integrated GPS, built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, 3.2 megapixel camera with autofocus, and an expandable memory card slot for up to 8GB of storage.

Sign up for a three-year contract with a minimum $45 Voice and Data plan and you can get the white Nokia E71 for $99.99 from Rogers. The prices on a two-year, one-year, month-to-month, and no contract are $374.99, $399.99, $399.99, and $449.99.