Apple Announces iPhone 3.0 Software, Details Inside

Apple Announces iPhone 3.0 Software, Details Inside


Last week, we heard that Apple would be announcing iPhone 3.0 firmware and today’s the fateful day. What did the powers-that-be in Cupertino have to offer to their iPhone-touting followers? For starters, iPhone 3.0 finally comes with copy-and-paste.

It should be noted that this is a software/firmware update and not new hardware altogether, though new hardware could very well be ready for launch this June as well. The new iPhone 3.0 update will be made available to download for original iPhone and newer iPhone 3G users, though the former will not be able to gain all of the new upgrades.

So, what does Apple have in store? Here a few of the quick highlights courtesy of BGR and the Giz:

  • Cut, copy, and paste: Double-tap to bring up the dialog, drag the start and end points for the text you want to cut/copy, double-tap again at the place you want to paste.
  • Push notifications for apps: This isn’t quite the same as background-running apps, which Apple is not introducing due to battery and resource concerns, but it allows near real-time notification of server-side events associated with a specific app.
  • Send multiple images at once.
  • Landscape keyboard available in more apps, including Mail.
  • Extended search to apps like Calendar, iPod, Notes, and Mail.
  • Stereo Bluetooth A2DP support, but not for 2G iPhones
  • MMS will be included with Messages alongside SMS, but not for 2G iPhones.
  • Spotlight for iPhone
  • Voice memo application
  • Availability of VoIP functionality within certain games and apps
  • Peer-to-peer Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Use your iPhone to remotely control accessories
  • Rumbling within games
  • Access your music within other applications

Honestly, there is a lot more here than I expected. It’s a shame that background apps weren’t introduced, considering that they’ve been available to WinMo for a very long time, but it’s good to see some key shortcomings being addressed.