Video: Unboxing the BlackBerry Pearl 8230 Flip

Video: Unboxing the BlackBerry Pearl 8230 Flip


Last month, we took a look at the BlackBerry Storm 9530 from Telus Mobility, introducing us to the first ever touchscreen-equipped BlackBerry device. Maybe you want to save some money or you want a smartphone that is a little more compact. Flip phones are still popular and Research in Motion has jumped into the CDMA arena with the newly released BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8230.

Much like its GSM cousin, this Pearl Flip takes the familiar BlackBerry Pearl user experience into a flip phone form factor. The version that I unbox in the video below is from Telus Mobility, but the one that you’ll get from other CDMA providers, like Bell Mobility, should be much the same.

The contents of the box really shouldn’t surprise anyone. You get the phone itself, all the supporting documentation, an installation CD, stereo headset (the Pearl Flip can act as an MP3 player, after all), a wall charger, and a USB sync cable. This is all pretty standard issue, though it is a little unfortunate that no protective case or skin is provided.

Also in the video below, I give you a brief overview of the features and the general layout of the BlackBerry Pearl 8230 Flip. I’ll be fiddling with this phone for the next few days, so expect a more comprehensive review in the days to come.