Lenovo Pocket Yoga Netbook Features Tablet Touchscreen

Lenovo Pocket Yoga Netbook Features Tablet Touchscreen


It’s easy to draw comparisons between the Sony VAIO P Pocket Lifestyle PC and the newly unveiled Lenovo Pocket Yoga, but the latter has one very notable feature that the former does not: an external touchscreen.

The leather-bound exterior of the Lenovo Pocket Yoga certainly gives it an appearance of being a premium or prestige device, but its overall dimensions appear to be quite similar to the Sony VAIO P. You get a super-wide display and a full QWERTY keyboard. It’s also supposed to be small enough to fit in a (large) back pocket.

I can’t say for certain, but it seems like the Lenovo Pocket Yoga is not a conventional netbook at all. Rather, it takes on the form factor of a very small convertible tablet PC. That ultra-wide display can be rotated and folded down into tablet mode, giving you full access to the touchscreen display. There is a stylus included for that purpose as well.

There is also mention that the included belt clip (in case your pants pocket isn’t huge enough) can pull double-duty as an external wireless mouse. Yowza!

Lenovo hasn’t released much in terms of technical specifications and a list of features, but the provided pictures speak wonders… but I am very afraid to ask about price.

UPDATE: As it turns out, the Lenovo Pocket Yoga is a two-year-old concept and will never hit production (source). That’s too bad.