Video: Guided Tour of New Apple iPod Shuffle

Video: Guided Tour of New Apple iPod Shuffle


Are you a little confused over the new Apple iPod Shuffle? Not understanding how the new controls are going to work or you don’t really grasp the dimensions of this tiny music player?

The new Apple iPod Shuffle is only about the size of a pack of gum because the controls have been relocated to the headphone cord. This video gives you a better explanation of what’s going on, what you get with the new 4GB media player, and just how cool you’ll look with a tiny silver thing clipped to your shirt pocket.

As you’d expect from Cupertino, the embedded video is super stylized with a bright white background and some soothing music. Unlike an advertisement though, this is more of a guided tour of the new product rather than a sales pitch. Though the sales pitch is in there too.

The iPod shuffle now has 4GB of internal storage and sells for $80. The “VoiceOver” text-to-speech feature helps to overcome the lack of an external display. Check it.