New iPod Shuffle Headphones from Scosche Add In-Line Controls

New iPod Shuffle Headphones from Scosche Add In-Line Controls


When Apple announced the new iPod shuffle yesterday, we thought that it took minimalism to a whole new level. The player itself lacked any physical controls, instead displacing your ability to control your music to a set of in-line controls. That’s all well and good, but what if you want to use an upgraded set of aftermarket headphones?

At the time, we heard that Apple would be releasing some sort of adapter that allowed for third-party headphones, but Scosche is doing one better with its own version of earbuds for the new iPod shuffle. Just like the ones that will come in the box, the Scosche set of earbuds also come with in-line controls. This way, you can still adjust the volume and jump to the next track while using a better set of buds.

I haven’t had a chance to try out any headphones from Scosche, but I did check out the Scosche showTIME AV cable for the iPod and iPhone. Based on the quality of materials that I saw used for that A/V cable, I’m optimistic that the earphones will be well-built too.

They’re not ready just yet, but Scosche says that their iPod shuffle-friendly earphones will be ready for mass consumption this Spring. Expect them to retail in the $49 to $99 range.