Citroen C-Crosser Crossover Gets Branded with Sony PSP

Citroen C-Crosser Crossover Gets Branded with Sony PSP


You know how there are select Ford vehicles that are outfitted with that whole Microsoft Sync system? Well, they’re not the only ones who want to capitalize on the electronics market with their vehicles. Hopping on over to France, we have now discovered a new Citroen C-Crosser sport utility that comes branded with the PSP.

Taking a peek underneath the taillights, you’ll see a badge for the PlayStation Portable from Sony. If you plan on taking that summer roadtrip with the family, it makes sense that little Timmy may want to bring his PSP along for the ride. Those highways can get pretty monotonous after hours of driving.

The new branding deal between Sony and Citroen will see the inclusion of a “free” PSP with the purchase of the branded SUV. The C-Crosser Exclusive PSP Edition comes bundled with a black PSP slim, a couple of games, a 4GB Memory Stick Pro Duo, and a special headrest speaker mount so that movies can be enjoyed by the folks in the back seat. They still sell UMD movies, don’t they?

So yeah, if you toss several thousand dollars in the direction of Citroen, they’ll give you a couple hundred dollars in bonuses. This is almost like some of those condo sales that I’ve seen where you buy a $300,000+ apartment and they give a “free” $800 HDTV. Good deal? I’m hoping the PSP Edition Citroen comes with a few other upgrades too.