Apple Announces New iPod Shuffle without Controls

Apple Announces New iPod Shuffle without Controls


With the first generation iPod shuffle, we were presented with a small white stick filled with music. As the series progressed, we were then introduced to a small clip-tastic player that was among the smallest in the business. Cupertino has gone even further today with the unveiling of the newest iPod shuffle, a portable player that does not have any controls on it whatsoever.

Before you start to freak out over the utter lack of controls on the new iPod shuffle itself, I should note that you can still adjust the volume and switch tracks; you just don’t do it on the body of the player. Instead, these basic controls ave been relocated to an in-line controller with the specialized earbuds. In this way, they’ll work in a similar fashion as certain musicphones.

With dimensions that are even smaller than a standard pack of gum, the new iPod shuffle is said to be among the smallest MP3 players on the market today. That is very tiny. If you didn’t know any better, you would swear it’s just a tie clip. Better still, it features text-to-speech as well.

The new iPod shuffle bumps capacity up to 4GB, comes in your choice of silver or black, boasts a stainless steel clip, rocks for 10 hours of playback, and retails for $80. If that’s too rich for your blood, the 2nd gen iPod shuffle will continue to kick around with its 2GB of tunes for $50.