Chill Out with Microsoft Laptop Cooling Stand

Chill Out with Microsoft Laptop Cooling Stand


If you have been using just about any notebook for any length of time, you may have noticed that it can get quite warm. This is not good from a comfort point of view and it’s not good from a performance point of view either. You need better cooling, just like you’d do with a desktop tower.

A lot of accessory makers are already producing a range of laptop coolers, but Microsoft feels it deserves a piece of that pie too. That’s why they have introduced the new Microsoft Laptop Cooling Base. The irony, in part, is that Microsoft is partly to blame for hot laptops in the first place (but that’s fodder for another day).

In terms of design, there’s nothing too out of the ordinary with the Microsoft Cooling Base. It’s got a single powered fan in the center and it places you laptop at a more ergonomic angle. The white and grey color scheme may be a little Mac-like for some PC users though.

Expect Microsoft’s entry into laptop cooling to hit the regular retail channels (and possibly the first few Microsoft corporate stores) in July. Pricing has been set at $29.95, which is pretty much par for the course.