BlackBerry Tethering Made Easy with TetherBerry

BlackBerry Tethering Made Easy with TetherBerry


So, you’ve decided to pack up your laptop and go some place to get some work done, but it turns out that your chosen coffee shop has no free Wi-Fi available. What’s this? A coffee joint without a Wi-Fi hotspot? What is an Internet junkie to do?

Typically, the tethering process can be a bit more complicated than you’d like, so that’s why the new TetherBerry app is a very welcome introduction. Instead of fumbling through the hacks and changing far too many settings, TetherBerry lets you tether your notebook to your BlackBerry with no sweat whatsoever.

A small application needs to be installed on both your BlackBerry device and your computer. When you need to partake in some tethering, all you do is launch the applications on both your BlackBerry and your laptop. That’s it. No fumbling. No mess. The downside for the Mac guys is that there is currently no support for OS X.

In terms of speed, your performance will naturally vary according to your cellular connection and other factors, but Matt Burns of MobileCrunch was able to get 1403kbps upstream and 584kbps upstream. That’s not quite as fast as a high-speed broadband, but it’s still pretty fast.

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