Official Screenshots of Metal Gear Touch Solid for iPhone

Official Screenshots of Metal Gear Touch Solid for iPhone


The iPhone already has a lot of great casual games for you to enjoy at random points in the day, but we’re really starting to see some fuller titles filling the touchscreen platform as well. If you’re ready to go on a stealthy mission involving a lot of crawling and shooting, then you’ll want to consider the upcoming Metal Gear Solid Touch.

It was about three months ago that we first heard about this project from Konami, but now we’re getting more than just words. Konami has released its first batch of screenshots for Metal Gear Solid Touch and this is going to be the first game from Konami for the iPhone and the iPod touch.

Everyone’s favorite Solid Snake is back in the action, tossed into a gritty world that is filled with a lot of grays and browns. You’ll hit up a series of international destinations, including South America, the Middle East, and even Shadow Moses.

“Well-known antagonists from past Metal Gear Solid titles” will be making appearances, so you’ll be in familiar territory, even if the controls aren’t quite as familiar. The “Advance Edition” demo will be released by Konami a little later this month. The demo consists of the first 12 levels of the game.