OCZ Neutrino Specs Netbook As You Like It

OCZ Neutrino Specs Netbook As You Like It


Everyone is trying to get a piece of the lucrative netbook pie these days, so it’s not really all that surprising that we find memory expert OCZ entering the fray with an offering of its own. We may know OCZ better for its RAM and flash drives, but they’re able to create full computers as well.

Last year, OCZ hit the market with its DIY computer line, including a laptop that was totally modular and made in such a way that you could upgrade any component that you’d like quickly and easily. The base kit was boring and barebones, but all the additions made it so that you only paid for the upgrades that you needed.

The same philosophy is being ported to the smaller form factor of a netbook with the introduction of the OCZ Neutrino netbook. This small computer is meant to be fully expandable and customizable, starting with a basic platform on which you can tack on the upgrades that you desire.

In its barebones form, you get the standard netbook fare. There’s a 10-inch widescreen display, Intel Atom N270 (1.6GHz) processor, and 2GB of RAM. The 2GB of RAM sounds pretty good for a starting point, but you can keep the upgrades coming to ramp up th Neutrino’s power. There’s even an option to include a 250GB SSD, though that drastically increases the price.

It seems like you can’t upgrade much in the style department. Too bad, since the Neutrino looks painfully generic.