Automoto Scooter Tears It Up with Three Wheels, Full Roof (Video)

Automoto Scooter Tears It Up with Three Wheels, Full Roof (Video)


Even though gas prices are lower today than they were last year, we should still be paying close attention to our fuel consumption. With Spring around the corner, we’d also like to have a little more fun on the weekends.

I had the opportunity to ride a regular two-wheeled scooter last summer, but the new Automoto 3-Wheeled Scooter appears to be quite the different animal altogether. Christen da Costa was invited to take the trike out for a test run and he seems to be quite pleased with what the Automoto has to offer.

We’ve seen the higher-performance trikes in the past (like the T-Rex), but those have two wheels in the front and you drive them more like a car. The Automoto, by contrast, is much more like a conventional scooter. It just happens to have two wheels in the back.

This aids in stability, giving riders a greater sense of control as they rip around the corners. You’ll also notice that the Automoto has a full roof and windshield, helping to protect you against the elements and making the Automoto more of an all-weather vehicle. There’s also a trunk in the back, as well as four-speakers for in-scooter entertainment.