BlackBerry Trackballs Available in Blue, Yellow, Purple, Red…

BlackBerry Trackballs Available in Blue, Yellow, Purple, Red…


Even though you may have a business-oriented device like a BlackBerry Curve, you may not want to be all that conservative with your chosen smartphone. There are certainly opportunities to get colored cases and other novel designs, but it’s the little accessories that make all the difference.

The trackball for navigation on your BlackBerry is incredibly important, but that regular white or black ball lacks a little in the personality department. That’s why you may consider the DIY route with these interesting upgrades. You know, because every color of the rainbow is an upgrade.

Available through, the colored trackballs for your BlackBerry come in your choice of blue, yellow, purple or red. This isn’t just the ball itself either, because it replaces the entire trackball assembly. Better still, the retailers have kept the price low at just $7.99.

Be a little forewarned, though, that the online store is based in China and you probably don’t have very much in terms of guarantees for the new trackball working properly. Further still, if you decide to hack your Berry apart to install the colored upgrade, you may run into issues of voiding your warranty as well.