Apple iPhone Gets Amazon Kindle Action with New App

Apple iPhone Gets Amazon Kindle Action with New App


Are you totally interested in the Amazon Kindle 2 but don’t want to fork over a few hundred dollars to buy the e-book reader? If you’ve already got an iPhone or an iPod touch, you are now in luck.

One of the biggest hurdles to the Amazon Kindle 2 is the initial purchase price and many people don’t want to invest in new hardware. Recognizing this, Amazon has now created a few application for the iPhone and iPod touch that grants you the same access to the same online store, including the ability to purchase and download e-books directly to your handheld.

Yes, you don’t get the same e-ink experience, but it is pretty convenient that your existing iPhone has the ability to buy every book, magazine, and newspaper that are made available to Kindle owners. Just like with the Kindle 2, the iPhone app lets you bookmark pages, change font sizes, and highlight passages at your delight.

The purchase process can be done from your regular computer if you prefer, but you can also purchase content directly from your iPhone’s Safari browser too. If you rock both the computer and the portable versions of the software, WhisperSync will keep track of where you are on each device. If you’re get to page 35 on your iPhone, you can pick up from there on your home computer.

Should Indigo Shortcovers be concerned? I think so.