In-Line SD Card Reader Shoved Into Mini-USB Cable

In-Line SD Card Reader Shoved Into Mini-USB Cable


I’m all for convergence and getting the most functionality out of the fewest number of devices, so this latest creation from Brando certainly sounds interesting.

If you’re rocking a smartphone of some kind, there’s a good chance that you connect your handset to your computer from time to time for synchronization and charging purposes. Wouldn’t it be nice if the cable did more than just connect things? That’s what Brando thought too!

That’s why Brando has a mini-USB cable that happens to have an in-line SD card reader to boot. The SD card reader slot will be able to handle SDHC, SD, MMC II, and RS MMC cards, as well as miniSD, microSD, and microSDHC cards by way of an appropriate adapter. There is also a version dedicated to microSD cards.

The best part is that it’s not an either-or proposition, because the mini-USB end of the equation can function at the same time as the card reader. This is kind of like a USB hub, in this way.

Check out the dual-function cable at Brando for twelve bucks.