Bigger Amazon Kindle 3 with Touchscreen This Year

Bigger Amazon Kindle 3 with Touchscreen This Year


While everyone is still getting pretty excited over the recent launch of the Amazon Kindle 2, there’s already word going around that a third iteration will be released later this year.

The new Kindle 2 is surely an improvement over the original, providing us with a sleeker package and a better keyboard, but it’s still got plenty of room for improvement.

According to manufacturer Prime View International, the company that makes the e-ink display for the Kindle, Amazon plans “to launch a new generation of Kindle by the end of this year, which will be in larger in size and equipped with touch functions.”

Touch functions! We know that touchscreens are all the rage these days, so there is a very real possibility that the physical QWERTY keyboard will be replaced with an on-screen virtual keyboard, not unlike the one found on the iPhone or the BlackBerry Storm. The keyboard can disappear when not in use, giving you more room to read your favorite novels and books.

The larger display on the rumored Amazon Kindle 3 is said to measure 8.5″ x 11″, just like a regular piece of looseleaf paper. I wonder if it’ll come with any other spec upgrades as well.