Bell Mobility Launches Palm Treo Pro at $99.95

Bell Mobility Launches Palm Treo Pro at $99.95


While we are still reasonably certain that Bell Mobility will be picking up the Palm Pre some time this year, you can get your Palm fix a little early with the arrival of the Treo Pro.

This QWERTY-packing smartphone has been available in the United States for a little while now, but it’s good to see it officially cross the 49th parallel. Much like the version available through Sprint, the Bell version of the Palm Treo Pro gets a Centro-like keyboard, digital camera, and Windows Mobile 6.1. It’s definitely worth upgrading from a Centro.

In terms of pricing, it will depend on what kind of contract you would like. Assuming that you sign on for a voice and data plan with a minimum monthly charge of $45, you can nab the Palm Treo Pro smartphone from Bell for just $99.95 on a three-year contract.

Going for shorter service agreements, you’ll naturally get smaller hardware subsidies as wel. With a two-year contract, the Palm Treo Pro is $149.95. A one-year contract pushes that to $249.95 and a 30-day agreement brings the price to $549.95.