Manage BlackBerry SMS on Your Computer Instead

Manage BlackBerry SMS on Your Computer Instead


The BlackBerry line of devices from Research in Motion is largely targeted at the business professional on the go, but what about when they’re not going anywhere? There are times when they are bound to a desk for several hours at a time, working away on a computer. It can be hassle to bounce back and forth between the laptop and the BlackBerry.

One of the simplest yet best applications to come out for the BlackBerry, in this way, has got to be the new SMS2Desk from Cortado. Each time that you receive an SMS text message on your BlackBerry, it is automatically forwarded to your email address. You can send a reply right from your computer and it will be sent as if it was from your phone.

In this way, you don’t really have to bounce between your notebook and your BlackBerry, because everything you need is being sent to your computer. The email side of things synchronizes anyway, so why can’t SMS be the same way?

To make the SMS2Desk BlackBerry application even more appealing, Cortado is giving it away for free! There is a premium version available for about six bucks (one-time payment) and that gives you things like sending multiple texts from one email, limit your outgoing texts, and receive email confirmations for sent SMS messages. For more info, check out