Nintendo DSi Gets Colorful: Pink, Green, Blue

Nintendo DSi Gets Colorful: Pink, Green, Blue


You can’t see this, but I’m shaking my fist in the general direction of Japan right now. Even though us poor North Americans still to wait a little while longer to get our hands on the Nintendo DSi, the lucky people in the land of the rising sun are already getting new colors.

Nintendo of Japan has announced that the DSi will be launched in three additional colors on March 20th, selling for the same price as the existing black and white DSi portables in Japan. That’s 19,800 yen, which works out to just under US$200 at today’s exchange rate.

The three colors, as you can quite plainly see, are hot pink, lime green, and metallic blue. I can see how the first two can be popular among people who want to show a little more personality, but I’m more inclined to pick the subdued blue. Then again, I’d be happy with any DSi right now.

As a quick refresher, the Nintendo DSi is the follow-up to the DS Lite, swapping out the GBA slot to fit an SD slot, music player, and dual cameras into a slightly smaller package.