Ironic: The Reason Why the AT&T QuickFire Was Pulled

Ironic: The Reason Why the AT&T QuickFire Was Pulled


Yesterday, we discovered that AT&T execs instructed store managers to pull the AT&T QuickFire from shelves. They were told to not sell another unit, because the QuickFire suffers from “quality issues.” At the time, we had no idea what they meant.

Today, those exact “quality issues” surrounding the AT&T QuickFire have been revealed. As it turns out, these “issues” are terribly ironic, given the name of the phone. Just as we had exploding laptop batteries a couple of years ago, the QuickFire is prone to catching on fire.

It’s not a faulty phone, per se, but it is prone to problems when users don’t follow instructions. As it turns out, some people have been inserting the charger the wrong way, forcing it in the port until it fits. When they do that, the little Sidekick-esque handset starts to heat up. Quickly.

The message sent by AT&T to QuickFire owners reads as follows:

Please take special care when charging your Quickfire GTX75 mobile phone. There have been a few reports of significant overheating of the phone when the AC Charger adapter is inserted incorrectly and forced into the phone.
The clearly marked, embossed arrow on the AC Charger adapter should always be face-up on the same side as the display screen of the Quickfire when it is inserted into the phone. See the diagram below for proper positioning and insertion of the AC Charger adapter into the phone. You should never force the AC Charger adapter into the phone.

If you have any questions, please call 1-800-801-1101.