iPhone Keyboard Gets Fifth Row with Jailbreak App

iPhone Keyboard Gets Fifth Row with Jailbreak App


Whipping out your Apple iPhone, you may notice that the virtual keyboard is only comprised of four rows. Don’t you wish there was an extra row of virtual keys to accommodate symbols and numbers?

While this is far from an official update from Apple, you can indeed get a five-row QWERTY keyboard on the iPhone through this available application. You won’t find it in the App Store, because it does require a jailbroken iPhone for it to work. The five-row keyboard app can be found through Cydia.

Developed by KennyTM, the same guy that made the hClipboard copy-and-paste app for the iPhone, 5-Row (what a descriptive name for the app!) produces a five-row QWERTY keyboard. As you can see, the additional row sits at the top and shows digits 1 to 0. If you hit shift (the up arrow to the left of Z), you gain access to the same symbols as on a computer keyboard.

Further still, if you hit the 123 button and then the arrow button, you get a series of new keys, like directional keys, tab, escape, delete, home, end, page up, and page down. It’s almost like you have a real keyboard!