Video Tour of American Nintendo DSi

Video Tour of American Nintendo DSi


The latest portable gaming and multimedia device from Nintendo has been on sale in Japan for several months, but the American version is just around the corner.

As you anxiously await the arrival of the Nintendo DSi with its dual cameras and SD card slot, you may want to see what Shiggy and crew have in store for you with this clamshell device. The video embedded below highlights some of the main features of the menu interface on the DSi.

Sure, I could probably go through the trouble of spelling it all out for you, but videos are just so much more visual (and fun). Describing the menu system is one thing, but seeing it is another thing altogether. Through the video, you should be able to spot some of the key differences between the DS Lite and the DSi.

Look for the American version of the Nintendo DSi to hit retailers on April 5th. The MSRP has been set at US$169.99, so the Canadian price will probably get pretty close to C$200.