T-Mobile to SF: Yak All You Want for $50 a Month

T-Mobile to SF: Yak All You Want for $50 a Month


Personally, I don’t use all that many voice minutes on my cell phone, but I know a lot of people who’ll talk until the cows come home. If you’re tired of paying overages on your cell phone bill every month and you happen to live in San Francisco, it seems that T-Mobile has some good news for you.

You know how other providers, like Sprint, have those simply unlimited plans that fill you up with all-you-can-eat everything on your mobile phone? T-Mobile is apparently test-marketing a similar concept, except the plan will only encompass voice.

The deal, it seems, is being tested with T-Mobile customers in the San Francisco area and they’re offering unlimited minutes for $50 a month. T-Mobile isn’t going to dish out this unlimited plan to just anyone, however, as it is only being offered to subscribers who have been with T-Mo for a minimum of 22 months.

That said, there is mention that if you port yourself over from another carrier, T-Mobile will hit you up with a $135 credit. That’s not quite as good as having an unlimited number of minutes to fulfill your gossip-mongering ways, but it’s still something.