MacBook Mini Concept Slides Out the Trackpad

MacBook Mini Concept Slides Out the Trackpad


What do you do when you want to have a reasonably large keyboard and a fully functional trackpad in a netbook-sized device? Designer Isamu Sanada has come up with an interesting solution, should Cupertino ever come forward with a MacBook Nano or Macbook Mini of its own.

In his previous concept for the MacBook Mini, Sanada made use of a strange tri-fold design where the trackpad flipped over top of the keyboard. I never did quite understand how that design worked, since it seemed like there was a trackpad on both sides of the third fold.

With this updated design, the trackpad can still lie over top of the keyboard, but it slides downwards when you’re ready to bust out some nano-sized iMovie action. In doing so, you can still achieve the same kind of footprint as something like the Sony Vaio P.

One of the issues that will need to be addressed is the thickness of the so-called MacBook Mini. By having three layers instead of two, the netbook/subnotebook will probably have a bit more pork to it than Apple would like. They’d also have to account for that extra thickness in the design of the hinge.