Samsung Points and Shoots with Four New SL Cameras

Samsung Points and Shoots with Four New SL Cameras


Don’t confuse these new Samsung SL-Series digital cameras with the SLR family, because these are most definitely point-and-shoots targeted at the regular consumer market. The updates bring some decent features, including one with HD video capabilities.

The Samsung SL820 and SL620 share much of the same architecture and feature set. They both shoot stills at up to 12.2-megapixels, feature both optical and digital image stabilization, boast 3-inch LCD displays, and rock 5x optical zoom. Other highlights include smile detection, blink detection, and face detection.

The SL820 is able to do 720p HD video (with an HDMI port), whereas the SL620 maxes out at VGA. Look for the $200 SL620 to ship next month with the $280 LS820 following in May.

Just like the first pair, the second pair of cameras also share a lot of the same features. The Samsung SL202 and SL30, both of which are 10-megapixel point-and-shoots, come with 3x optical zoom and digital image stabilization. The SL202 has a 2.7-inch LCD and a rechargeable battery, whereas the SL30 has a 2.5-inch screen and uses AA batteries.

The Samsung SL30, shipping next month, is remarkably affordable at just $100. The SL202, also coming next month, isn’t that much more at $150.