Paid Apps in Android Market Capped at $200

Paid Apps in Android Market Capped at $200


With the App Store for the Apple iPhone, developers can sell their applications for no more than $999. Not too many developers are bold enough to reach that kind of price point, though there was that one famous case of the “I am Rich” app that ripped off attracted more than its fair share of buyers.

Possibly in an effort to keep pricing in check, it seems that the fine print for Android Market comes with a set price range as well. They will continue to allow free apps to be distributed through the online store, but in terms of paid apps, they will be set between $0.99 and $200. That’s the current range and it may change as the Market matures.

Realistically, it would take quite a bit for any application on the Android Market to be worth $200, seeing how most of the most popular apps for the iPhone cost no more than about five bucks. There are a handful that charge more, but very few reach into three figures.

Will this $200 hard cap keep the pricing in check for when Android Market starts getting filled with paid apps? Perhaps, but at the same time, shouldn’t the free market (no pun intended) determine the price?