Netbooks and BB Bold Get Jazzy with Gelaskins

Netbooks and BB Bold Get Jazzy with Gelaskins


I’ve been rocking a Gelaskins protective skin on my Nintendo DS Lite for almost a year now and it’s still holding up quite well. It keeps my portable gamer reasonably protected from debris and damage while offering a huge dose of style.

Gelaskins has now announced that it has expanded its stylish skin collection to the world of the BlackBerry Bold and a variety of netbooks. The shift to netbooks isn’t all that out of the ordinary, since Gelaskins has been offering its goods to the regular notebook market for some time now, but I do find the move to the Bold a little curious.

The BlackBerry Bold is very much a business-oriented device, so I’m thinking that giant invading robots and melodramatic pandas may not be the best option for people working on Wall Street. At the same time, Gelaskins has been doing the BlackBerry thing for a while too, so I guess the Bold is a natural extension of that.

On the netbook side, you’ll find skins for the MSI Wind, LG X110, Eee PC, and many more. A typical netbook skin is about $20. For the Bold, you can expect to pay about $15.