Is This the Matte Black Back of the Next iPhone?

Is This the Matte Black Back of the Next iPhone?


It’s pretty much in the bag that Apple will have some sort of iPhone update for us and this could be one of the first official glimpses at what we should expect. We can’t say for certain how legitimate this photograph is, but it looks pretty real to me. At least, it’s well within the realm of reason.

Some people call it the new Apple iPhone. Others refer to it as the iPhone 3.0. Others still call it the iPhone 4G. I don’t think we should call it the 4G, because it is neither the fourth-gen iPhone nor does it come (as far as I know) with 4G connectivity. With that out of the way, this picture does depict a whole new model number and thus, this is not just a colored back on the existing iPhone 3G.

The shot even shows the FCC ID and the new model number (A1303) intact, leading us to believe that Cupertino is taking the route of matte black for the next iPhone. They shifted from metal to plastic for the back on the existing iPhone 3G because of reception issues, but the current glossy black is one big fingerprint magnet. A matte back could fix that.

Is this one big Photoshopped hoax or is this very much for real? Well, I guess we won’t know for sure until June rolls around and Cupertino comes forth with the newest iPhone for us to enjoy.