Feature: Five Products to Keep Techie on Valentine’s Day


    Tomorrow’s the big day, boys and girls. Lovers around the world will be exchanging kisses, distributing flowers, and staring into each other’s eyes over a candlelit dinner. But that’s not for you, right? You’re a gadget geek at heart and V-Day is no exception to your regular digital lifestyle.

    Sure, you could look at some last minute cheap Valentine’s Day gifts, but it would be even better if you could meld your love for your girlfriend (assuming you don’t spend too much time playing World of Warcraft) with your love for technology.

    Here are five ways to keep the spark alive with a little technology.

    1. Super Sonic Teddy Bear Speaker

    Ready to set the mood with some Al Green, Marvin Gaye, or Jamie Foxx? While you could certainly pump those soulful tunes through a regular set of speakers, you may win a few bonus points by opting for a teddy bear speaker instead.

    The cute and cuddly companion is a pretty standard gift in its conventional form, but when its feet double as a set of stereo speakers, you win some extra geek points. Set it on to the bedside table, keeping in line with the cute appearance of your gal pal’s bedroom.

    2. Heart-Shaped USB Flash Drive Pendant

    A regular USB drive is for the other 364 days of the year. To give your nod to Cupid and his arrow-shooting ways, consider a funky heart-shaped USB drive. It can be used on a keychain, if that’s what she prefers, but it is designed to work as a pendant to dangle from her neck.

    Standard jewelery from Swarovski or some other place take full advantage of the heart theme around this time of year, so why can’t your gadgetry do the same thing. The heart splits in half to produce the standard USB connector. Yeah, you’re pretty geeky for offering a gift like this, but she already knew that.

    3. Offer a Sensual Massage

    Using your best Austin Powers impersonation, you can approach your female companion with the offer of a sensual massage. “Oh, I fell over! Oh, I fell over again…”

    There are a huge variety of electric massagers available on the market, like this one from Heaven Fresh Canada. There are versions that add heat, come with different types of multi-function massage heads, and offer variable speeds.

    Alternatively, you can choose something else that, um, vibrates, but I’ll leave that ball in your court.

    4. Chocolate BlackBerry, Mouse, iPod…

    They say that chocolate can be an incredible aphrodisiac and that’s what you want on Valentine’s Day, isn’t it? Another great aphrodisiac for the geek in all of us is some of our favorite technology, so combine the two with the chocolate gadget collection.

    You can get chocolate shaped like cell phones, TV remotes, PDAs, computer mice, iPods, and other such things. Who knew that eating a BlackBerry could be so delectable. Who said that chocolate had to come in conventional shapes like squares, circles, and hearts? Might I interest you in a chocolate iPhone?

    5. Illuminated Ambience Chiller for Champagne

    One of the worst things you can do on Valentine’s Day is to offer your lady friend some warm champagne. From a box. In a styrofoam cup. Show a little class!

    One of the more interesting wine and champagne chillers that I’ve seen is this one that “casts a warm glow of several different colors.” The lighting slowly transitions between yellow, green, blue, violet, pink, and red. And yes, it keeps that bottle of Dom Perignon nice and cold too.

    You are getting some Perignon, aren’t you?