T-Mobile G1 Android Navigates to Telenav GPS

T-Mobile G1 Android Navigates to Telenav GPS


Are you tired of getting lost in your own hometown? Getting jealous of your other smartphone friends and their ability to navigate to the right place in a reasonable amount of time? Well, you will soon have no excuse for getting lost again.

The Android-powered T-Mobile G1 will soon be getting its clutches on the Telenav GPS Navigator service, the same turn-by-turn directions software package that you can find on BlackBerry and Windows Mobile. The integration with the online service makes it a very valuable solution to people on the go.

The Telenav software will be pushed to the Android platform on February 24th. The large touchscreen display will certainly come in handy for seeing the road ahead and you get a 30-day free trial to take Telenav GPS for a test drive (no pun intended).

Unfortunately, like the other versions of Telenav, the Android variant will cost you in the long run. The subscription-based service is $9.99 a month after you free trial expires. On the plus side, the traffic and weather updates come in real time. Look for Telenav in the Android Market later this year.