Go Ahead and Blow This Phone, Seriously

Go Ahead and Blow This Phone, Seriously


I’m all for innovation and bringing novel features to cell phones, but this latest development has me scratching my head. We’ve seen the slow but steady progression toward touchscreens and motion-sensing controls, but why even both touching the phone at all?

Fujitsu has just announced the world’s first phone with what they call “Wind Recognition.” Available through SKT as the IM-S410 and through KTF as the IM-S410K, this slim clamshell lets you interact with it by blowing on it. Seriously.

As far as I understand it, the functionality is similar to what you get on the Nintendo DS. In Mario Kart DS, for example, you can blow up your balloons in Battle Mode by blowing into the microphone.

The same kind of thing happens with the Pantech IM-S410, except that blowing can be used to activate the camera, play games, control the media player, and so on. Not only does it recognize that you are breathing on it, the phone also recognizes how hard you’re blowing it. Yes, I realize how dirty that sounds.

Personally, I think this feature is incredibly strange and is little more than just a novelty. Please don’t take the “Wind” moniker a little too far and hold the phone next to your derriere as you break wi… never mind.