Video: Voiced Turn-By-Turn GPS Navigation Points to iPhone

Video: Voiced Turn-By-Turn GPS Navigation Points to iPhone


The Apple iPhone is filled with a lot of cool functionality, including the ability to play videos, surf the web, and point you toward some of the best sushi restaurants in town. It also comes with GPS functionality, so you that you can navigate to the said best sushi restaurant in town.

With the basic GPS navigation on the iPhone, however, you still have to look at the screen to know where you are going. This new app overcomes that by providing voiced directions, just like you would get on a standalone GPS navigation device.

The voiced turn-by-turn directions come courtesy of the new version of xGPS. It’s not available through the official App Store, so you will need to go through the routine of jailbreaking to access this functionality.

In a nutshell, xGPS uses Google Maps for the visuals and driving directions, converting that knowledge into audible directions. If you expect to lose your data connection along the way, it is also possible to download the maps ahead of time.