Alcatel Ditches Three-Piece Suit for Lego Phone

Alcatel Ditches Three-Piece Suit for Lego Phone


I don’t think I’ve ever used the Lego and Alcatel names in the same sentence before, but there is always a first time for everything. When most people think of Alcatel phones, they usually are reminded of the corporate market with support for all kinds of business applications. That can make for quite the stuffy image, so Alcatel decided to have a little fun for once.

Instead of creating yet another enterprise-level handset, it seems that Alcatel may have inked a partnership with Lego to produce the Lego Phone that you see here. I grew up playing with those building blocks for hours on end, constructing buildings, cars, and even entire cities. I’m sure there are a few business types who did the same during their younger years.

This is obviously just a mockup at this point and there hasn’t been any confirmation from either side of the partnership, but the Alcatel Lego Phone (in collaboration with electronics expert Digital Blue) seems to borrow a lot from the Lego philosophy. IN fact, it seems to be a modular design with attachments that can be removed and replaced at will.

These attachments will likely only provide a color swap, switching a blue keypad for a green one for instance, but that could still be pretty fun. I don’t know whether the Lego Phone will be marketed at corporations or kids, but we’ll keep you in the loop if anything comes of this development.