Video: No One Said iPhone Was a Nice Guy

Video: No One Said iPhone Was a Nice Guy


High school reunions, not including the ones with Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens, can be very interesting and eye-opening experiences. You may discover that the unknown dweeb is now running his own successful web 2.0 business and the uber-popular jock is now flipping burgers at the golden arches, for instance. It’s also there that real personalities are revealed.

What if someone organized a cell phone reunion? The iPhone may be the star of the party, but no one ever said that he’d play nice with the other mobiles. In fact, it turns out that iPhone can be quite the douche.

In the CollegeHumor video embedded below, we witness what happens with the Apple iPhone of Cupertino arrives at a kindly gathering of the old Zack Morris phone, a Bluetooth headset, and even the massive car phone who is “comfortable” with his body. The BlackBerry Bold makes an appearance too.

Yes, the iPhone may not be the nicest guy there, but it seems that he really gets what’s coming to him. Watch and enjoy!