How to Install Windows XP on Sony VAIO P

How to Install Windows XP on Sony VAIO P


The Sony VAIO Pocket is one incredibly attractive netbook subnotebook, but you may not want to push its limits with a full-build of Vista. For some reason or another, you may want to shift the VAIO P over to the land of Windows XP and, as it turns out, this is very much possible.

It won’t quite fit in your pocket, but the Sony VAIO Pocket is a very compact computer with plenty of processing power. Using Windows Vista as the OS, you may be using too many resources just to get the thing going and that’s why you may consider XP. Alternatively, you can see how Windows 7 runs on this thing.

Thankfully, some online enthusiasts have put together a tutorial to walk you through the process of downgrading the VAIO P to Windows XP. Going through the process, they have also learned a way to get the WWAN and GPS modules to work. The native drivers did not offer such support.

If it is possible to take the Sony VAIO P into the land of Windows XP, it may not be long before people try to hack the subnotebook into a bonafide Macbook Nano. At least, I hope so.