Google Goes iPhone-Optimized with Google Books

Google Goes iPhone-Optimized with Google Books


It was a monumental deal with Google announced the availability of Google Book Search online, because it effectively let you search through the text of many published works. You would think that this would infringe on all sorts of copyright and sales issues, but Google overcame that with a little bit of money.

As nice as it is to search through books on your computer, what if you want to do it on a mobile device? Google has always been on the cutting edge of iPhone-optimized web pages and now they have taken that philosophy to Google Book Search.

In effect, your iPhone can be transformed into a handy e-book reader, gaining access to a huge library of books covering just about every topic under the sun. How many books are in this database? At last count, Google says that they have about 1.5 million texts in there. That’s a lot of reading.

To access Google Books on your iPhone, point your Safari browser over to and then you can search and read whatever you want.