Digital Pictures Hit Sixth-Dimension with Photo Cube

Digital Pictures Hit Sixth-Dimension with Photo Cube


Sometimes, you just can’t pick which photo you want to have on display on your desk. For times like those, you may want to consider this photo cube from the folks at Brando.

The Rhombus Turning Photo Frame takes the idea of a picture frame and brings it into the third-dimension, offering six sides of photogenic genius. With room for six photos, you can show off your kids, your pets, landscapes, or your favorite gadgets, all at the same time. Better still, the photo cube will rotate if you place it on a level surface.

That’s the good news. The bad news is that the photographs themselves have to be printed out the old-fashioned way and stuffed into the cube itself. This is not a digital picture frame, so it’s really just a clear cube. I guess I should only expect as much for just $22.

The Brando Rhombus Turning Photo Frame (more here) opens up the possibility of a digital photo cube, doesn’t it? I’d imagine that it won’t be long before someone comes with something like this that can handle digital pictures instead.