Post-It Note Dispenser Combined with USB Flash Drive

Post-It Note Dispenser Combined with USB Flash Drive


We’re all pretty familiar with the concept of convergence, but this latest creation is nothing short of strange. For some reason or another, someone has decided to combine a standard USB flash drive with a stack of Post-It notes.

If you’ve ever endured the horrors of the cubicle, then you probably had at least a few co-workers who stuck these sticky notes all over their monitors. Instead of keeping the sticky note pad buried underneath the mess of stuff on your desk, you can have it attached to this flash drive.

In an effort to be slightly more aligned to the side of green technology, this flash drive has been covered up in a bamboo shell. I think that’s green. The throwaway nature of Post-It notes, however, probably isn’t very green, especially since you’ll run out of the first batch of 100 stickies pretty quickly.

In any case, you can find this unique creation at The 2GB model goes for about thirty bucks.