Tavo Gloves Make iPhone Cold Weather-Friendly

Tavo Gloves Make iPhone Cold Weather-Friendly


The Apple iPhone is meant to be used with your fingers, so if you’re wearing a pair of gloves during these cold winter months, the iPhone effectively becomes inoperable. This simply is not acceptable. Just because you don’t want your fingers to freeze does not mean that you shouldn’t be able to make phone calls and update your Twitter status.

Unlike resistive touchscreens that work best with a stylus, the capacitive touchscreen of the iPhone only responds to finger contact. So, what can you do? Well, ChantelleJoy of iPhoneinCanada was lucky enough to give the new Tavo Gloves out for a test spin. These gloves are designed to be iPhone-friendly, so you can keep your fingers warm while still being able to navigate through your favorite touchscreen cell phone.

According to the developers, the tips of Tavo Gloves are covered in a special “Playpoint Technology” material. This is made with a conductive metal that conducts the capacitance from your finger. Esoteric geek speak aside, this means that it’ll work with your iPhone, as well as other devices that use capacitive touchscreens like the BlackBerry Storm.

You can see the Tavo Gloves in action through the embedded video below. The gloves can be purchased through TavoProducts.com.