Smartphone Voice and Data Plans from Rogers Wireless

Smartphone Voice and Data Plans from Rogers Wireless


Smartphones are pretty popular these days, but many consumers are turned off by the price of wireless data. Looking to alleviate some of that burden on your wallet, Rogers Wireless has just unleashed a new smattering of smartphone plans that include a snippet of data.

If you’re thinking that these three plans look famililar, you’d be right. If I remember correctly, the $45 plan has been offered as a promotional plan for a little while now, particularly during the holiday season. The only thing that really makes these into “smartphone” plans is the inclusion of 500MB of data. That may not sound like a lot, but in speaking with a few iPhone users, they rarely go over 300MB a month. Your mileage, of course, may vary.

At the lowest end, you get a $45 monthly plan with 250 daytime minutes, evenings and weekends (starting at 9pm), and 500MB of data. You can bump that to 400 daytime minutes with the $50 smartphone plan and up to 650 daytime minutes with the $75 smartphone plan. All three come with your choice of one additional option, choosing from free incoming calls, early evenings (5pm), my5 Canada-Wide, or Unlimited Rogers-to-Rogers.

After you tack on caller ID, voicemail, some text messages, the system access fee, the e911 fee, and taxes, you’re still looking at around $75 a month with the $45 plan. In this way, I think the better deal would be to get the promotional $17.50 EPP (200 minutes, evenings, and weekends) and tack on the $30 smartphone value pack (10000 SMS/MMS, Caller ID, Voicemail, 500MB).