Getting One-Upped Goes Too Far with MP7 Player

Getting One-Upped Goes Too Far with MP7 Player


There is an ongoing race in the technology world with every company trying to outdo the guy next door. You’ve got digital cameras with more megapixels than ever and USB flash drives with more memory than ever before. The portable media player market is no exception to this phenomenon, even if the latest “innovation” isn’t all that innovative.

We already know that MP3 players can do music and MP4 players can do video, so what the heck can this crazy MP7 player do? A bigger number is almost always better, right? If we go from music to video, maybe this MP7 player has holographic artificial intelligence… or it’s just some crappy off-shore product that makes no sense. I’m leaning toward the latter.

If you’re looking for something particularly exceptional, you may need to look elsewhere. Despite being marketed as an MP7 player, there doesn’t appear to be anything going on with this portable media player that you won’t find with the many similar MP3/MP4 players that already fill the halls of eBay and the Internet.

There’s a 2.8-inch LCD, video support, audio support, FM radio, low-res camera, and a voice recorder. Unfortunately, it won’t do your laundry or complete your homework. If you’re still inclined, you can find the MP7 player on eCrater for $70.