Elton John Edition Starburst iPod Nano with Swarovski

Elton John Edition Starburst iPod Nano with Swarovski


As if all of those different colors for the fourth-generation iPod nano weren’t enough, you now have the opportunity to buy a special one decked out with some super sparkly Swarovski crystals. Elton John would approve, since he’s etching his signature (with a laser!) onto the back side of each and every one of these.

The man with the candle in the wind, rocking out on a piano with some rather eccentric sunglasses has tossed his name behind the special Starburst iPod Nanos, because partial proceeds from the sale of these sparkly wonders go toward the Elton John AIDS Foundation. The donation portion is 12.5% of the sale price.

In addition to the shiny and color-coordinated Swarovski crystals on these limited edition jewelry pieces portable music players, you also get the nano preloaded with Rocket Man: The Definitive Hits. Yup, sparkles, Rocket Man, and Elton’s signature.

Not surprisingly, the brightly decorated Starburst iPod Nanos come at quite the hefty premium over their non-Swarovski counterparts. The 8GB version retails for 399 GBP (US$565) and the 16GB model goes for 449 GBP (US$636). Get in on the Starbust at Goldgenie.com.