Ten Bucks? India Promises $10 Laptop Next Week

Ten Bucks? India Promises $10 Laptop Next Week


Does the recession have you down? Having a hard time scrounging up enough money to buy a new laptop? Some company is India is coming to your rescue, it seems, because they’re ready to roll out a $10 notebook. No, you are not reading that wrong. They promise a lappy for ten bucks.

Naturally, you shouldn’t expect anything close to a MacBook Pro at that price, but ten bucks is more than what you might spend on lunch. Heck, a couple cups of coffee at Starbucks will you that much money.

The company in India is staying pretty mum on the exact details, so this could be a whole lot of vaporware or one big hoax, but they are forthcoming with a couple of minor specs. They say that the laptop will get 2GB of memory, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and expandable memory. They make no mention of screen size or CPU, so this could end up being a netbook instead. Still, ten bucks would be pretty amazing.

At this time, they say it costs about $20 to manufacture, but mass production will drive the price closer to the ten dollar range. Oh, and the image here is for illustrative purposes only, but I wouldn’t expect anything much more advanced than this. There are plenty of calculators that cost more than ten dollars.

In any case, the official unveiling (if this thing holds up to be true) is planned for February 3rd. I’m sure Negroponte is sitting on pins and needles.